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BIC Media Clic Ballpen

Product Code: PP-WH07

Pp Wh07 Aorange Grey
Pp Wh07 Aorange Grey
Pp Wh07 Black
Pp Wh07 Black 1
Pp Wh07 Black White
Pp Wh07 Blue
Pp Wh07 Blue 1
Pp Wh07 Blue 2
Pp Wh07 Blue 3
Pp Wh07 Blue 4
Pp Wh07 Blue Green
Pp Wh07 Blue White
Pp Wh07 Blue White 1
Pp Wh07 Clear
Pp Wh07 Green
Pp Wh07 Green 1
Pp Wh07 Green 2
Pp Wh07 Green 3
Pp Wh07 Green 4
Pp Wh07 Green 5
Pp Wh07 Green 6
Pp Wh07 Green White
Pp Wh07 Green White 1
Pp Wh07 Green White 2
Pp Wh07 Grey
Pp Wh07 Grey White
Pp Wh07 Metallic Grey
Pp Wh07 Metallic White
Pp Wh07 Orange
Pp Wh07 Orange 1
Pp Wh07 Orange 2
Pp Wh07 Orange White
Pp Wh07 Pink
Pp Wh07 Pink 1
Pp Wh07 Pink 2
Pp Wh07 Purple
Pp Wh07 Purple 1
Pp Wh07 Purple 2
Pp Wh07 Purple 3
Pp Wh07 Purple White
Pp Wh07 Purple White 1
Pp Wh07 Red
Pp Wh07 Red 1
Pp Wh07 Red 2
Pp Wh07 Red 3
Pp Wh07 Red 4
Pp Wh07 Red White
Pp Wh07 White
Pp Wh07 White 1
Pp Wh07 White Black 1
Pp Wh07 White Blue
Pp Wh07 White Green
Pp Wh07 White Purple
Pp Wh07 Yellow
Pp Wh07 Yellow 1
Pp Wh07 Yellow 2
Pp Wh07 Yellow White
Pp Wh07 Yellow White 1
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Product Information

  • BIC® Media Clic ballpen
  • Clic action
  • Mix and match colour options at no additional cost or lead time
  • A colour palette of more than 30 colours and four barrel finishes to chose from
  • Offering more colour and personalisation possibilities
  • The number 1 selling BIC® ballpen in Europe
  • Ink colour: Black, Blue

Colours Available: Mix And Match:, White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Metal, Jungle, Violet, Frosted Purple, Frosted Jungle, White Pearl, Caribbean Blue, Frosted Dark Blue, Frosted Violet, Pink Fizz, Frosted Yellow, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, Frosted White, Grass Green, Frosted Orange, Frosted Dark Green, Blue Pastel, Purple Pastel, Green Pastel

Dimensions 147mm long

Print Area 55 x 20mm

Price Includes Printed 1 colour on the barrel