Screen Printing

Screen printing is a tried-and-tested technique that is over 100 years old, offering a high-quality finish at low cost. It's effectiveness across a range of fabrics, high clarity, and excellent durability, make this an ideal process for promotional clothing, high-volume orders, and retail products.

Use Screen Printing For:

  • Promotional Clothing
  • Bright, Bold, Vivid designs
  • Larger Designs
  • High Volume Orders
  • Items such as T-Shirts, Vests, Hoodies, Aprons, Tea Towels, etc.


Why does it cost more to print to darker t-shirts?
A darker t-shirt may cost more to print as a white base layer is required before the design can be printed, so that it appears just as brightly and vividly on dark clothing as it would on a bright t-shirt.
What is origination and why is it so high?
Origination is the cost to set up a individual screen for each colour in your design. It is therefore more cost-effective for high volumes. For low volumes, it is more cost effective to use a smaller number of colours.
Do I have to pay another setup to change the colour of my design?
Once made the screen can be re-used. Each screen can be cleaned and re-used with a different colour. This is handy for colour adjustments when printing the same design onto different colour garments.


Here are a few terms you will hear when discussing screen printing.

A wire-mesh acting as a "Stencil" through which ink is forced through onto the garment. One screen is used for each ink colour to build the design in layers.
A one of cost to produce each colour screen. Once created screens can be re-used if you require further copies of the same design.
Colour change
A colour change is when the design doesn't change, but the colour of the print does. A new screen does not need to be created, but simply cleaned.