Embroidery provides an intricacy and subtlety that is not always available with a printed finish. This means a highly professional, detailed finish.

At Promotional Warehouse, we utilise computerized machine embroidery - this means that we re-create your design in a format the machine can understand, and it does the stitching automatically. This provides an incredibly intricate finish that is true to the original.

Use Embroidery For:

  • Hard-wearing Workwear
  • Staff Uniforms
  • School Uniforms and Sportswear
  • Sports or Casual Wear for Teams & Clubs


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Here are a few terms you will come across when discussing embroidery.

This is the set-up cost of altering the design for embroidery - translating an image (your logo) into blueprints that the embroidery machine understands
All embroidery is measured in stitches - literally the required number of stitches the machine has to make. The more complex a logo, the more stitches it requires.
This is the standard positioning for most embroidered clothing - the front of the garment on the upper-left of the chest.