Published: 2021-08-31 13:12:04

Bacardi Case Study | Promotional Warehouse

The Client

Bacardi are the largest privately held spirits company, with over 150 years’ experience. Much like ourselves they are a family-owned business, spanning across seven generations.

Today their portfolio includes 200 brands and labels, many of which are internationally celebrated including, Grey Goose Vodka, Patron Tequila, Bombay Sapphire Gin and our personal favourite Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey!

Bacardi are known for their global leadership in the drinks industry, but more recently have focussed on creating a positive and supported work culture, where staff (or as they call them Primos) are fearless and behave like they are part of the family. From warehouse workers to bartenders to office staff, this vibrant culture is helping to strengthen Bacardi’s ongoing legacy.

Their Needs

Bacardi wanted their workforce to feel good when at work and look good whilst doing it! Due to the varying range of roles Bacardi also wanted to offer a selection of clothing that would suit the needs of workers across the board, that were both stylish and made to fit.

However, with 3 sets of garments for 3 differing brands needed across 9 sites for hundreds of employees – Bacardi also wanted an ongoing system which left the administration free from their workload, so they could focus on doing what they do best – making great drinks!

Our Solution

We visited Bacardi with a van load of garments that we knew would be perfect for their workforce. All had different layers to suit the needs of workers throughout the year and included a professional range, leisure range and combination of the two. We worked with 4 primary brands: Regatta, Result, Premier and Finden Hales.

Bacardi could touch, feel and see the colour options for our suggested ranges, and with our help, we shortlisted the top garments for Primos!

In fact, Bacardi were so happy with our service and range suggestions that they increased their order to 8 of the Bacardi brands, across 9 sites with even more workers listed to receive their personalised Primo Packs!

To handle the individual orders and needs of each staff member we set up an interactive document. This allowed for each Primo to submit their preferred sizing which would then generate an automatic order for us. Meaning there was zero admin for Bacardi to handle, other than the final invoice.

We then set up Bacardi branded trailers on every site to deliver each personalised and tagged Primo pack to their new owner! 

The Outcome

Weeks of work from our team and Bacardi’s has resulted in hundreds of happy UK Bacardi Primos proud to wear their company brand! We are now excited to aid Bacardi in fulfilling the same need to sites across Europe. Here’s a bit more info regarding our work with this fellow family business…

  • Each Primo Pack contained 4 polo tops, an outdoor garment and leisure garment.
  • To date we have supplied and delivered over 400 Primo Packs.
  • In total we have produced 2, 681 individually sized and branded garments.

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